Vrede op aarde bij 6shooters

On a dirty, rainy day, in the mean streets of Amsterdam, a sad group of lonely men gathered in their sad and lonely club house to celebrate the MEANEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

We saw the grimdark ghost of the future.

Even the bar was empty. We only had beer and snacks to survive our saddest day.

Björn cried and so did Krisztian. I think they both lost.

Young Santa Claus (or possibly Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, we’re in doubt) entered the building only to steal his presents back.

He aged quickly. Time has not been kind to Christopher.

Maarten had a bad hairday.

Max not.

Dino tried to hit me with the palm of his hand. He used to be friendly.

Alessio here imitates Joseph, who just on Christmas day discovered that Mary cheated on him with some other guy

Mary: “But Joseph – he was… God!”

Joseph: “What does he have that I have not?”

Mary: “Well, when he’s inside me…I feel divine..”

Joseph: “You Holy Slut…!”

Above our real-live Joseph, carpenter Rob who, with the Hand of God, gave us more storage room.

Espen and Mark quarreled about Flames of War, as always.

Here a group shot of our deplorables. Take a good look, most of them will have killed themselves before the end of the year. All survivors: happy 2019, anyway!

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