Armies / miniatures that club members own

Ready to use painted & based club armies (small=<50 models/medium=50-150/large=>150)

6mm Epic

  • Space Marines 6mm (Half painted) Simone
  • Orks 6mm (Half painted) Simone
  • Imperial Guards 6mm (Half painted) Simone
  • Chaos 6mm (Unpainted) Simone
  • 6mm Space Marine army
  • (yet unpainted) 6mm Ork army
  • many, many 6mm Imperial Guard & Tau, (AlanF)

6mm Napoleonic

  • 6mm Austrians: Eltjo
  • 6mm Napoleonic British (pre-1812) large army, Jurjen
  • 6mm Napoleonic French (pre-1812) large army, Jurjen
  • 6mm Napoleonic Prussians (1815): large army, Jurjen
  • 6mm Napoleonic Dutch/Belgians (1815): small army, Jurjen
  • many, many 6mm Napoleonic armies, all nationalities, based for FPGA (AlanF)

15mm ancient

  • Persians (s/DBA): Jurjen at the club
  • Macedonians (s/DBA): Jurjen at the club Spartans (s/DBA): Jurjen at the club
  • Carthaginians (s/DBA): Jurjen at the club
  • Romans Republican (l/FoG/HC): Jurjen at the club
  • Romans EIR (l/FoG/HC): Jurjen at the club
  • generic barbarians/Celts/Gauls (l/FoG/HC: Jurjen at the club
  • Numidians (s/DBA): Sebastiaan
  • 15mm Germanen/Bataven: Eltjo

15mm medieval

  • 15mm Feudal Spanish: (DBA/HC/FoG): Eltjo
  • 15mm Mamluk Egyptian: (DBA/HC/FoG): Eltjo
  • 15mm Komnenan Byzantine: (DBA/HC/FoG): Eltjo
  • 15mm Early Anglo-Irish: (DBA/HC/FoG): Eltjo
  • 15mm Arab Conquest: (DBA/HC/FoG): Eltjo

15mm Renaissance:

  • Parliamentarians: Fred W.
  • Scotish Royalists: Fred W.
  • Williamite/Louis XIV musketeer army: Jurjen

15mm Napoleonic

  • 1806 Prussians: Eltjo

15mm modern (FoW)

  • FoW Italians: Eltjo
  • FoW platoon 1941 Soviets (mostly single based for Chain of Command) Eltjo
  • FoW platoon of 15mm 1940 British (Indians) for the Western Desert campaign. (mostly single based for Chain of Command) Eltjo
  • FoW Germans: Simone
  • FoW Russians: Simone
  • FoW Russians Mid/Late War: Espen
  • 2500pts Red Devils, British Para's: Fred W.
  • 1500pts Gebirgs Jägers: Fred W.
  • 2000pts Blue Division, Spanish volumteers on the eastern front: Fred W.
  • Germans (unfinished): Mark
  • Battlefront TANKS - 5 Allied tanks, 4 German tanks (Harm)  4 Allied tanks, 3 German tanks (Rob)
  • British (unfinished): Mark

20mm Napoleonic (infantry based on 40x20mm, cavalry 40x40mm, artillery 40x50mm): all Taco

  • French: 170 bases
  • Polish: 23 bases
  • Austrian (met brandweerhelmen): 157 bases
  • Russian: 190 bases
  • Prussian (1806): 117 bases
  • Netherlands: 85 bases
  • Nassau: 40 bases
  • Saxon (1806): 56 bases
  • Ottoman: 134 bases
  • Bavaria: 51 bases
  • Wurttemberg: 52 bases

28mm Ancient

  • WHAB Roman Army: Maarten
  • WHAB Early imperial Romans, about 4000 pts painted and 1000 more unpainted: Josse
  • WHAB Vikings, about 2000 points, some overlap with Roman barbarian allies: Josse
  • WHAB 3000 points Greeks, not much painted: Josse
  • HC Roman army (work in progress): Mark
  • HC Celts (work in progress): Rob
  • 28mm Germanen/ bataven (work in progress): Eltjo

28 Ancient/Medieval/SAGA Warbands

  • Normans 28mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • Condottieri (Medieval Knights, late)  28mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • Saga Viking warband: Fred W.
  • Saga Anglo Saxon warband: Mark

28mm pre-Napoleonic 28mm

  • Amsterdam Militia and Prussian Grenadiers 1787 for TFL Sharp Practice: Eltjo

28mm Napoleonic

  • A growing Austrian army: Fred W.

28mm modern WW2/Bolt action

  • 1500pts French: Fred W.
  • Bolt Action Germans Mid-Late 28mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • US Mid-Late Europe 28mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • Bolt Action Germans: Rogier
  • Bolt Action Germans (medium group): Harm
  • British Paratroops (small): Harm
  • Bolt Action Canadians: Eltjo (regular troops)
  • Bolt Action Germans: Eltjo (mixed bag of naval, parachute, SS and volksgrenadier units)
  • Bolt Action box British Commando's (yet unpainted): Jurjen
  • Bolt Action box German Wehrmacht (yet unpainted):  Jurjen

25-28mm fantasy

  • Mantic Dwarf army: Jurjen (at the club)
  • Veel fantasylegers: Leo H
  • 2000pts High Elves: Fred W
  • 2000pts Wood Elves: Fred W
  • 4000pts Dark Elves: Fred W
  • 3000pts Dwarves: Fred W
  • 2000pts Beastman: Fred W
  • Bretonnians: Maarten
  • Wood Elves: Maarten
  • High Elves: Maarten
  • Lord of the Rings: High Elves 25mm (Painted): Simone
  • Lord of the Rings: Uruk Hai 25mm (Painted): Simone
  • Lord of the Rings: Goblins 25mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • Lord of the Rings: Rohan 25mm (Painted): Simone
  • Frostgrave warbands: Thomas, Simone, Rob, Maarten
  • Flintloque/SoDS warbands (Britorcs, Frelves, a Dwarman and KGL-Ogre)

25-28mm SF

  • unpainted WHF &40K: Rogier
  • 40K two small space marine forces (ultramarines and sons of medusa): Harm
  • 40K Orks: Espen
  • Space Marines and Imperial Guard: Len (admin)
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares: Boromites 28mm (Unpainted): Simone
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares: Algoryn 28mm (Unpainted): Simone


  • X-Wing: Rebels: Simone
  • X-Wing: Imperial

Other miniatures/scales

  • SM fleet for Battle Fleet Gothic, a metric tonne of unpainted BFG Ork ships; Tyranid and Empire (Harm)
  • Legends of the High Seas 28mm: Pirate warband: Fred W.
  • War of the Ring: approx 20mm Tolkien Fantasy: Elven army, Mark (he also has Uruk-Hai, humans, and hobbits)
  • two small WOII 20mm/1:72 armies, german and American, not necessarily complete or readily usable for Rapid Fire: Maarten
  • painted Space Hulk set: Sebastiaan

Via Marktplaats I bought 120 GW orks & night goblins for just 30 euro. A good start for a speedpaint Kings of War project. 


I also have a 6mm Space Marine army (and a completely unpainted Ork one), a SM fleet for Battle Fleet Gothic, a metric tonne of unpainted BFG Ork ships that someone gave me once upon a time and lastly a n Orc army for 40K if anyone still plays that :P


Contact Jasper about BFG, I believe he used to play it (but sold it because no opponents could be found). Simone plays 6mm Epic, Rob as well I think.

I'm willing to paint your Ork 6mm some time some day in a dark future. But not soon.

40K: many own it, but nobody plays it. I think you can use the miniatures for Gates of Antares, or a Gruntz try out.


BFG is loved by Harm so the two of you should really talk if you want to arrange a game


@Jurjen, could you please update the main entry with some new info for me:
Other miniatures/scales
BFG Chaos, Imperial, Tyranid fleets

15mm Modern:
Battlefront TANKS - 5 Allied tanks, 4 German tanks
(Rob also has: Battlefront TANKS - 4 Allied tanks, 3 German tanks)

Also the existing 15mm modern entries are all for FoW.



How big is the 15mm Roman army that's at the club? Do you have a list of elements/units?



Quite big. I have an Old Glory FoG Roman Republican army and a big early imperial roman army. I should indeed count the units some day.