40k killteam

Nieuwe spel, nieuwe topic!!




How many Kill Team rules exist actually? I have seen the name mentioned before the current rule set.


I think that since 6th edition there has been a new killteam version with every 40k edition but the new version is getting a lot more support. This will be one of their most important games.


I just put together a Genestealer cult kill team. I've only played one game so far against a colleague at work. Is there any interest in playing this game at the club?


There are a few gents in the battlebrothers who are anxiois to play some games! In the oncoming period they’ll probably all trickle into to the forum as well so you have enough opponents;)


I am building a kill team. I would love to get a demo some time.


I'm coming in Sunday to hopefully play some Killteam!