Team Yankee

Flames of War is not only a rules set for World War 2, the basic rules are also used for World War 1, the Arab-Israeli Wars, Vietnam and Modern (World War 3).

This last one is a fictional setting where NATO is fighting Warsaw-pact, set in 1985. I have come across (and bought) some models for that conflict and was wondering if anyone is interested in joining me. BTW I have American Abrams tanks, so preferably anyone joining would pick another country (USSR T65, DDR/East-German T55, WDR/West-German Leopard and British Chieftain are available) [only tanks are mentioned, other units are available].


Sorry. It's a great offer I can only refuse.

Although it's hard to 'stick to a ruleset' and 'stick to an age', I try to limit myself.

I'm interested in Flames of War and the Team Yankee variation, but only for casual play as opponent. So if you bring the gear and teach me the rules I'm happy to play against you, I'm a tactical genius, but sorry, no, I will not buy 15mm post-1945 models. But I'm sure Eltjo or Thomas can't resist your idea!


IF I ever get into Team Yankee I'll definitely go for Soviets, but I wonder if it's different enough from FoW to warrant the investment and painting time :)


I own an unpainted Dutch infantry force in 15mm, so Team Yankee is on my list to play in future. First some other armies, though.