Now the proud owner of the starterbox (2 factions) and the rules.
More will follow, without a doubt.

Both the books and models are absolutely stunning.
The rules seem quite managable and streamlined. 
Most of the complexity is by special rules, but since a given army will use only a fraction of those, i think it's easy to get in to.

I think this will function as both a light pick-up game (frostgrave in space),
as well as a highly tactical 'play>dice/rules'.

More to follow after I've receiveid my terrain and painted the dudes up  ! 


So, my terrain is in and we'll play a intro game next Sunday.

To get in the mood, check this nice low-level play-through video from 'Shut Up and Sit Down':
Incidentally, these guys play on the same terrain that we'll be playing ! 

Know that the rules can be downloaded for free at publisher Corvus Belli:
Full rules:
Quick start rules:



I decided to jump on the Infinity bandwagon and bought myself some Nomads figures. I'm going to buy the Operation Icestorm starter box at some point so if someone wants the Pan Oceania minis let me know :)