Rommel (Sam Mustafa)

Rommel is mine! Grid-based, but that won't hold me back. 6mm, here I come!


Good luck on your travels.


I ordered 6mm German, American & British vehicles last week. Expect three late war armies later this year. Blitzkrieg Commander, here you go...!


Blitzkrieg Commander - there's quite a lot of rumors for the 3rd edition which I bought, apparently, the new rulebook was not at standard, rules were not clear or wrong, army lists especially were completely unbalanced. 

Pendraken decided to republish completely the book and will give it for free to the people that own the book. 

More info,16006.0.html


I own BKC2, which received excellent reviews. Tnx for the link. I thought bkc2 was a finished, polished product, I didn't see a reason for anything more than some small clarifications.

Pendraken will go back to bkc2. They wrote:

The immediate job is to get to work on revising BKC-III into the rulebook we were all hoping for.  The army lists will be our starting point, reverting those back to BKC-II and then tweaking and editing them where necessary based on previous BKC feedback.  Second will be the scenarios which will also largely revert to BKC-II, unless anything comes up from our new team that requires a change/tweak.  And then from there we'll go through the actual rules of the book, page by page, doing one of three things:

- Leaving as is.
- Clarifying/amending to make it work better/properly.
- Reverting back to BKC-II.


6mm Sharp Practice and 3mm Rommel, found links here and here, with interesting basing ideas here


British and German 1944 regimental organisation plus a how to build an Arnhem table, here.