Painting 6mm Napoleonics: fast, but how fast? A test

(updated) Some time ago I started a big 6mm project for my favorite Napoleonic game, Blücher. 'Big' means: 6 Baccus armies, 2 British,  2 French, 2 Prussian and a Dutch army. Each army has 240 infantry figures and 108 cavalry, plus some artillery and commanders - about 1750 infantry and 750 cavalry. I paint every evening these days, when work is done, my kids are asleep and my wife is watching television.

Meer BTW bij Amsterdam6shooters!

Na de langste wargamezomer ooit is vandaag de bijl gevallen: in Amsterdam zullen meer Big Tactical Wargames worden gespeeld. Enige voorbeelden van vandaag en twee weken geleden:

Eltjo en Fred. Hun plan: Rommel. Eltjo en Fred zijn onze minister en staatssecretaris van defensie.

Battlegroup - Another WW2 Ruleset

Rulesets come and go. WW2 rulesets come and go. Some stay. Others make place for modern versions. Who remembers Warhammer Historical The Great War, which was the forefather of Kampfgruppe Normandy, which was the forefather of Battlegroup Kursk? Spearhead? Crossfire? Who remembers Wings of War?