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A journey of a man trying to fight his Ooh! Shiney! addiction while painting interesting things at the same time....
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Manic Attic

April 15, 2018 - 02:01
You all know what my attic looks like.

(picture added for dramatic effect - may or may not resemble actual attic)
As I've been sick quite a bit lately, my folks had offered to take the kids for the weekend to give me some R&R. Kim said it would be the perfect time to clear out the attic.....while she was away to visit one of her friends for some R&R of her own (this sounds bit harsher as it is, but I work best without her). Sjors kindly offered to help me out so we got cracking and spent the entire Saturday sorting and stacking stuff. It wasn't easy, I had to take quite a few breaks as I have the stamina of a dead horse atm, but in the end we did it.

Kim's side looks a bit messy now, but she and her friend will get to work on Sunday and I've left her a lot of empty boxes and crates on the right side next to the vacuum.

My is still quite a lot, but considering you could not even set foot in the attic this morning. Quite a bit of stuff on the right side of the room is sorted and ready to be sold off. All of my ammo cans, camping and military gear is going on the chopping hiking and camping days are over, my body can't handle long hikes anymore, never mind fully packed with gear. Also, around the corner.....

2 stacks of shipping cases full of stuff ready to be sold off. Tomorow is my day off with a trip to my folks to pick up the kids, and on monday the sorting and listing starts all over again....

Might even get some more hobby time in. Who knows.
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He's dead Jim! (No I'm not)

March 28, 2018 - 23:17

Not dead. Not yet anyway. :)

(There was a long exhaustive story here about how life sucks....but nah, let's not - just looking at the bright spots for now and trying to ignore the pain, heartburn and negativity)

Me. Dead tired. 2 old Ikea Billy's are gone (I had set them aside to sell off to pay for the 2nd hand Besta cabinets I picked up, but my wife claimed the cabinets for herself) and 2 used Besta cabinets have replaced them so all my storage now sits in one line. The not very deep Billy's always bothered me due to the waste of space when parked next to the Alex, and this remedies that.

New! (well, second hand)
This cabinet is purely meant for larger scenery pieces and my printer plus paper etc. This turned out to be a small issue....

Well fuck. That dog don't hunt.
Got to love HP for listing the size of the printer.....without the paper tray in it!
20 minutes and a saw later I now have a opening in the back and it fits. Problem solved. Not pretty but it works. Just like me :)
My desk got the same treatment.

Then got another treatment.

(While cleaning the PC I realised this had a videocard with 2 DVI output - a short trip to the goodwill store for a extra cable and Kim's old monitor from the attic et voila, back to a double desktop. So much easier....)
And while I was at it.....

I found a quality display case at the goodwill store for a tenner (this was before the bills dropped) and hung the rails.....and then found out the back wall isn't exactly straight but bowed into the room so yeah. But it works, for now it is just to store all of the boxes with for sale stuff and stuff that needs to be sorted. Also it is a bit too long so it is messing up the big plastic storage storage.

I'm not sure how frequent my updates will be in the near future. I have 0 time for the hobby, family, paincontrol, making ends meet and jobstuff comes first, but I do try to get things done here and there
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