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Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke
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Veterans' Day (Armistice Day) 2017. . .

November 10, 2017 - 15:38
Yes, that's a German helmet atop the cross.

As a child, our nearest neighbors were Harrison and Florence Terrell, who lived across the lane from my maternal grandparents' place in rural southeastern Pennsylvania.  They were a generation older than my grandparents, Philadelphia Quakers, who had bought a place in the country to spend the weekends sometime in the 1940s.  We visited there house often as children along with our grandmother, who was close to Mrs. Terrell.  
Mr. Terrell was an attorney, and always had a chessboard set up in his den, where he conducted play by mail games against various Philadelphia-area friend and acquaintances.  He smoked a pipe, and always asked me to walk the perimeter of their property (they owned virtually the entire mountaintop at that time) to check the traps with him.  He believed firmly in keeping  "the vermin,"  as he referred to certain animals, down with a small bore shotgun and traps.  A contradiction of sorts, but there you are. 
Anyway, when he was a younger man, Mr. Terrell was drafted shortly after the United States entered the 1914-1918 war, and although Quakers are pacifists.  As unlikely as it seems, he answered the call and soon found himself somewhere in France in the midst of things.
I always meant to ask him about his experiences, and as a child you don't necessarily understand that people might not want to talk about what they may have seen and done in wartime.  My own grandfather, first an anti-aircraft gunner, later a glider pilot and paratrooper during the 1939-1945 war, once quietly advised me not to ask Mr. Terrell about his time in France, so I did not.  The two men may have shared their wartime experiences with each other at some point, but that is idle speculation on my part.  It might simply have been that, as a former soldier himself, my grandfather had a silent understanding with Mr. Terrell.  I don't know.
But as  a child, I idolized both Mr. Terrell and my grandfather, so decided at eight or nine to let the matter rest.  I think of both men often but especially on days like today, Veterans' Day as we call it here in the United States.  At the same time, I think it is important to remember that families in other countries -- 'the other side' -- have also lost sons, daughters, and other family members in war, both soldiers and civilians. 
As interesting as military history is, and as much fun as toy soldiers provide, war in whatever form it takes must surely be an awful thing.  Yet somehow, that seems like an understatement, which simply cannot address the sheer and vast tragedy that war, in any form and by any name, is for all concerned.
-- Stokes
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Slow Tinkering with Flags and Flag Bearers. . .

November 5, 2017 - 15:34
 Standards apparently carrried by the Baden-Durlach Regiment  during the mid-18th century (courtesy of

Nothing to show quite yet, but the Young Master and I spent a delightful couple of hours tinkering with out own respective projects here in Zum Stollenkeller yesterday (Saturday) afternoon while the two cats ping-ponged between us purring, vying for, and enjoying attention from the both of us.  
I can tell you that I finally got around to attaching and styling the various LARGE flags to those Minden replacement Prussian and Austrian standard bearers that I've been fooling with since last winter.  Some touching up on the figures themselves, careful painting over the computer printer ink colors, some clear varnish, and the new figures will be able to assume their place before too much longer.  They will take over from their rather squat MiniFig predecessors, who have don yeoman's work until now.  It will then be time to add some additional standard and guidon bearers to my existing cavalry units.
-- Stokes
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The Magazines Have Arrived!!!

November 1, 2017 - 14:44
The front cover of issue #1.
Kinda quiet here lately as work and real life continue their relentless assault against available free time (and the necessary clear mind) for wargamerly pursuits.  But. . .  The first dozen issues of the old Practical Wargamer arrived in the mail yesterday.  Thanks to G. B. in the U.K.!  Text heavy, interesting articles by many familiar names in the hobby, both past and present.  Definitely worth the wait, and what a shame the magazine isn't still around. 

I delayed looking at anything until  my own bedtime just after 8:30pm (following the Young Master's), but I spent a delightful two hours paging through issues #1-#12 and then reading a few shorter articles before the ol' eyelids grew heavy, and I turned out the bedside lamp.  Can't wait to repeat the exercise this evening, but hopefully I'll manage to stay awake for a while longer.

-- Stokes

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