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Updated: 16 min 57 sec ago

Re: (SALE) Afghan Army for SAW, Colonial etc (& more Eg terrain)

17 min 17 sec ago
I’ve just added a completed Afghan Tribal Army comprising 56 minis 
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Vietnamese Air Force Museum - Pics

18 min 12 sec ago
Having accidentally found myself in Hanoi with a spare morning, a trip to a military museum was required. Originally intending to go to the supposedly disappointing Vietnam War Museum, my driver ended up dropping me off instead at the [url=https://www....
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Re: Airborne in Sicily 1943 - UD 20/4 - more strongpoint progress

18 min 36 sec ago
Lovely! Puts me in mind a little of those old Airfix sets my little plastic men fought so hard over in the 1970s. 

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Re: Scratch building a Crossley IGL3?

20 min 55 sec ago
Oh, we're back to banging that drum again, are we? I preferred it when your obsession was wild animals. 

I entirely agree if it comes to bigger battles, and my chosen scale for that was always... 20mm! (what can I say, I started with p...
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Re: Ottomans for Pikeman's Lament

25 min 26 sec ago
Great work on those Ottomans 
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Re: WIP Satyr

1 hour 30 min ago
His finishing move
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Re: WIP Satyr

1 hour 32 min ago
I didn't even notice the dong.

Considering the size of it, maybe he should attack with that instead.
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Re: Deano's Age of Big Battalion figures (updated Apr 21st)

1 hour 32 min ago
Lovely as usual
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Re: Texan Boothill minis (update 20/04/18)

1 hour 35 min ago
Lovely stuff matey, now paint some figures I can shoot at
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Re: (WANTED) Gripping Beast Plastic Arab Spearmen & Archers Covered Face Heads

1 hour 42 min ago
Hi Bish, Many thanks, I have just PM'd you.

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Re: Long Island 1776

2 hours 22 min ago
  Looks fantastic!   
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Dwarf & Goblin Wars - a Middle Earth Project

2 hours 23 min ago
I have started a Dwarf & Goblin Wars project for Middle Earth. Middle earth has been a favourite thing of mine since the early 80's, but only now with the release of the Oathmark goblins & Conqueror models Dwarves have I seriously started collecting mi...
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Re: WIP Satyr

2 hours 27 min ago
Not keen on the tail. And I'm no prude, but the front tail is a bit distracting too.  Gamers are a conservative lot (it seems to me) and that's gonna reduce your potential market.
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Saber & Blood Kickstarter is live!

2 hours 34 min ago
My friends over at Kazrak miniatures have launched their kickstarter campaign for the board game "Saber & Blood". It's a small scale "brawl" game where combat is done with both special fencing dice and cards. The fighting aspects of the game are really...
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Re: Fenrir's Middle Earth Labour of Love

2 hours 46 min ago
Brilliant! Love it all, following your blog now.
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Re: Deano's Age of Big Battalion figures (updated Apr 21st)

3 hours 28 min ago
AWI British Dragoon.
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Re: Monster Manual project

3 hours 32 min ago
Quote from: Argonor on April 20, 2018, 06:59:19 PMYikes, that tick somehow makes me think of a bloated facehugger 

Yep, that is a nasty looking critter. Shudder.
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Re: ChargeDog's Adventures in Bazistan and Zaiweibo

3 hours 41 min ago
Another nice quick read.
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Concord and Lexington

3 hours 43 min ago
April 19 is the 243 rd Anniversary of the start of the AWI

In honor of the day, I dredged up these two pieces that show Patriots sniping at the retreating British from behind a fence and a low stone wall.
John Bryant painted the figures. I did the rest...
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Re: (SALE) Various books.Plastic Vikings.

3 hours 55 min ago
Will take the plastics off you sir...
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