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Panzer Grenadier 'Cintheaux' scenario

April 10, 2018 - 23:15

Game of Panzer Grenadier Deluxe game played today using the Cintheaux scenario from Western Front scenario book. I used British/Canadian forces against Stephens German force.The three Tigers were awesome against Shermans especially when my two Firefly tanks succumbed. Whilst I had superiority in Infantry numbers they proved insufficient to take control of the village.The game ended when my auto-break point was reached.Great game with a good set of WW2 rules.

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L'Art De La Guerre - Romans vs Seleucid

March 28, 2018 - 18:59

Quick game of LADG today at Stephens using my Punic Romans against his Selecuids.Another fast and furious game using LADG with Romans again failing to have any impact at Impact against the Pikes phalanx and being ground down.My Elite legion was particularly poor.....

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Field of Battle at Montmirail...... The Guard Repulsed !!

March 24, 2018 - 18:23
Played Montmirail today with my hombres Stephen, Richard and Le Duc using Foeld of Battle.
Another excellent game with these fast flowing rules.
Of course the 'dice demon' Stephen was as ever on top form giving a bloody nose to the advances of 2 Old Guard Divisions.
His Artillery shooting was particularly awesome even against the D10 Guard as he consistently gave them hits whilst causing Force Backs and Disorder (Out of Command).
Conversely the French Guard artillery was mediocre at best.
Le Duc seemed to have my dice today rolling low ever time the demon rolled high it is amazing to watch.
On my flank (Allied left) it was pretty much a stand off as the Guard Cavalry were reluctant to charge in although they really should have as so much better than Russian mounted.
My Prussians were quickly forced into Square but that made them fairly invulnerable.
Once French Army Morale dissipated the French Cavalry were galvanised into action and began to show their prowess routing Russian units and even breaking a Square !
But it was too late as French were by now giving morale to the Allies.
French then pulled an Army Morale card which they passed being as Napoleon was a D12+1, however very next card was another Army Morale card which French rolled a respectable 9 adding 1 for 10 but the demon rolled a 12 on D12 to force the French to surrender.
Couple of uses of house rules for Hasty Square and Cavalry Counter Charge today which worked fairly seamlessly.
As ever a fun game that was brought to a firm decision in around 4 hours of play, not many rule sets you can that with !

Russian guns draw a bead

And do the business. Note the yellow ut Of Command markers on Old Guard in center and several hits

Old Guard Lancers threaten on right

Solid lines of Russians

Young and Old Guard Cavalry advance

Opposing mounted Corps about to clash

Old Guard arriving piecemeal in center

2nd Old Guard Division suffering whilst attacking on right

Old Guard Cavalry moves up a gear

Prussian guard road whilst forming square in face of Guard cavalry


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