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Hitler's Reich another couple of games

September 17, 2018 - 22:26
Played this excellent little game with my Dad again last night.
We managed two close but quick games.
Axis won first by taking all Soviet Production Centres for auto victory.
In second Allies won by reducing Axis hand to zero through relentless Strategic Bombing
Great game easy to play and fast and furious fun.

Only one pic as I forgot to take more !

This game arrived this week but not more than a cursory look at so far

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Hitler's Reich - two more games played

September 10, 2018 - 00:38

Another couple of play throughs of this highly playable game with my Dad tonight.First game was over fairly quickly as Barbarossa failed for Axis and my Allies has a good run of cards and successful Events and Attacks whittling the Axis hand to zero for auto win.Second game was a much tighter affair as Dad took Balkans and both Tobruk and Suez before launching Barbarossa.His invasion was successful and his Blitzkrieg actions saw Kharkov, Leningrad and Moscow fall ! However in 1942 the Soviets counterattacked taking back all three Production Centres.In 1943 we both had a hand size of a mere 3 cards but I was able to win Strategic Bombing Events to force the Axis to zero again for the win.We learnt a lot in these games including how essential it is for Axis to take Yugoslavia and maybe Greece to protect Romanian and Austrian Production Centers (Austria is also the gateway to Berlin if not protected.Indeed Axis in 1941 (when hand size and Conflict deck is at most favourable) need to build a decent hand of Events prior to executing Barbarossa or to reduce Allied hand by attacking Western Allied resources. Excellent little game this, highly abstract but very playable and fun.

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Field of Battle - Katzbach 1813 scenario with Le Duc

September 8, 2018 - 13:49
FOB game with Le Duc played using a GDB scenario as basis.
French of McDonald facing attack by Prussians (and a few Russians) under Yorck.
Le Duc took the Prussians and I the French defenders in what turned out to be a lengthy blood soaked battle of attrition as befits an 1813 encounter.
Sizeable numbers of Raw (D4 defence) troops on both sides and a Poor deck for French with Average deck for Prussians meant lots of Lulls (9 in total) and weak vulnerable units aplenty.
The arriving reserve Brigades served to keep the game taught as seemingly every break in opposing lines was swiftly shored up.
We seemed to have endless re-shuffles in this game due to equal Initiative rolls meaning some cards took take ages to appear.
French went for what seemed an entirety without seeing any Move cards but had lots of Melee opportunities which they often could not complete.
I was down to 3 Morale chips when Le Duc announced he was close to ruin as well.
But he got the next initiative run with several cards he used well causing me a good deal of damage with me 'gifting' him several Morale Chips.
When I used my initiative I had a poor run of useable cards and failed to cause Prussians any Morale Chip loss.
The next initiative went in similar fashion with Le Duc now 'up' 10 of my cards !
Of course on a Lull card I then drew an Army Morale Card but managed to survive it however another appeared a few cards later and France succumbed.
Another great game of FOB and one of longest we have played.
Mind you there were some 32 Prussian/Russian units against 25 French so a largish engagement.
I really must do a video of this excellent system.

The battlefield prior to deployment

French side of table

Prussians arrive

French left

Large (4UI) Prussian cavalry units on move

A Brigade of French Conscripts arrive

Prussian approach on French right

French left (Chasseurs Brigade to rear failed to Move on 3 opportunities ! my 1's in inaction)

As Prussians push in center around Janowitz village.

Things getting messy and intense on French right as both sides reserves arrive

Chasseurs and Lancers still refuse to leave initial area

Landwehr support their Regular colleagues

Veteran Prussian Brigade tries to outflank French on hill

Squares formed in center to protect from my Hussars

Lines thinned on both side on right flank !! My reserve cavalry done sterling service here.

Whilst my Chasseurs after coming into action lost badly to a crack unit of Prussian Hussars.
It should be noted that at top center a unit of French foot have destroyed 2 Russian units after attacking from the village. Sadly they later Routed under superior numbers.

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Hitler's Reich first play

September 3, 2018 - 00:43

Played Hitler's Reich in earnest tonight with my Dad.Very enjoyable it was too with this WW2-lite but fun game.Neither of us know the respective Events well enough to achieve best strategies but even from one play the importance of Barbarossa and control of the English Channel is obvious.Dads Barbarossa was less than stellar which allowed me to annoy the Axis on western front.We done virtually nothing in the Med/N.Africa fronts as all activity was in Russia and N.Europe.Game ended in 1944 with fall of Berlin to Western Allies and Axis failure to recapture.
The problems with rule book layout remain but having played a game most things fall into place now.
All pics from early turns as I got too engrossed later

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Test Of Battle at Le Ducs - Market Garden scenario

September 2, 2018 - 14:10

Game of Command Decision Test Of Battle at Le Duc's' yesterday as he wished to try the latest iteration of CD and had set up a Market Garden scenario from one of the official CD supplements.
Read his more in-depth AAR at
Think the scenario was entitled 'The road to Elst' but certainly set in that area with 30th Corps pushing along the infamous highway (lots of "this bits the wide part!" comments).
Game attended by the brother Brittain who commanded the Nazi defenders whilst Le Duc and I took charge of the British.
Game start delayed after extensive waffling session between all of us including diverse discussion of Le Duc's extensive library of books and rules, or thoughts on sci-fi games, fantasy games (ugh), board games, various projects and ideas we all have for various time periods etc etc !!
Once the fracas began it became very clear how tough the British mission was as we encountered various hidden German units and anti-tank weapons.
I was attempting to push on our left but got stymied in an area of polder and my armour on that damned road although I did destroy a PzIII Platoon and a battery of nasty 20mm Flak guns.
Le Duc on our right managed to push forward but at too high a cost and we called the game after 5 turns (in another 3 turns 2 Tiger platoons would have appeared)

We discovered a couple of rules we had missed in earlier outing with TOB, firstly that when issuing a Rally order it must touch the issuing stand so really means a turns delay as Battalion Commanders move to Shaken Companies (as their CO cant issue own order) to issue an effective order (ie within 6").
Also that the Regroup order now applies to Vehicles/Tanks as well as Infantry a change IIRC from earlier versions of CD.

Great to get a game in with 20mm kit ('midgies' as we call them) from Le Ducs collection.

Pre-deployment look at battlefield from German right (John)

Push starts up "the wide part"

And the inevitable outcome

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Hitler's Reich an initial solo play

August 30, 2018 - 00:49

Just got Hitler's Reich board Wargame by GMT and managed to get a short solo session with it.A highly abstract but flavoursome Strategic game on the European theatre of WW2 from 1941 to 1945.No units as such just some little wooden markers to show your conquests (or lack thereof) and various actions, special rules and so on, on a smallish but mounted map.Various cards are heart of system along with Actions (acheiving these successfully and generating using various Bonus Actions is key) and opposed dice rolls.Conflict cards are essentially playing card values (but given various military ranks here) to which are added 3-5 d6 dice with simply highest total wins.Of course not that simple as numerous Event cards can be 'bought' which can effect things through extra dice, dice re-rolls and numerous special effects (some of the higher ranking Conflict cards have re-roll abilities).All the usual WW2 events/stuff are covered such as Enigma, Tiger tanks, Patton, Guderian, Convoys Barbarossa, D-Day etc generating the flavour of the period in abstract fashion.The game is quick play (in fact marketed as WW2 in 1-2 hours) and would appear to do just that once one would learn basic systems.The rules are a bit opaque in certain areas but playing through a few turns soon straightens things out.Comes with a solo 'Bot' but I used the simpler Fog of War solo version.Hope to get a head to head with this soon.

Game on the table with Germans punching through to Moscow

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Shako II again - Plancenoit 1815 scenario

August 29, 2018 - 13:52
Another excellent game using Shako II at Stephens.
He set up the scenario from Fields Of Glory supplement covering the action at Plancenoit during Waterloo battle 1815.
I used my Prussians against Stephens French buggers.
Scenario set up is such that it allows attacks versus Plancenoit by Von Hillers Brigade from first couple of turns and my Regulars indeed took one of the town sectors (4 in total) but my Landwehr failed miserably against other sectors especially the Church which has +2 defence.
Pretty hard for lowly Landwehr to win as even rolling a 6 they fail if defenders roll 4+.
I sent my Cavalry under Prince William of Prussia to try to outflank Stephens right which they initially succeeded in doing by completely destroying the French Cavalry arrayed against them but not without loss.
However they then reverted to defend orders and I failed to exploit their success properly as my ADCs failed to get across in time to convert the Princes orders (they either died or went slowly ! seems they were too busy with local wines and wenches ?).
I also tried to conduct a flank manoeuvre on my left with Von Ryssel Brigade but this was slowed by the stream and a lack of deployment room.
Indeed Von Ryssel had to halt as Hillers Brigade went demoralised and then broke (in Shako this means entire command removed from table).
A large wooded area in centre meant it took the units of Von Losthin took ages to advance to contact and the move around the wood by Von Hake Brigade was also slow.
Losthins troops manfully attacked the French positions on the large hill but again the Ladwehr proved incapable of the task whilst their Regular colleagues overran an Artillery Battery and a French foot unit causing the French formation to go demoralised.
But French reserves arrived in shape of a Young Guard and then an Old Guard Division just as Losthins formation dissolved due to auto-breaking.
As the scenario 12 turn time limit expired Prussians had failed to break French lines and Old Guard had not been committed to action.
Super game again using these fun fast playing rules.

Von Losthins Brigade approach the woods

Von Hiller outside Plancenoit

Prince Williams Cavalry prepare to advance

French defenders on hill and their Cavalry

And their defenders in Plancenoit (trust me they are in there)

Von Bulows direct operations (Rysels Command stand visible at rear for arrival of turn 1)

Von Hakes Command stand ready to arrive on turn 1 to rear of Losthin

Von Hake flanking the wood as Prince Williams cavalry ride to glory on right

Where the cavalry engagement swings in their favour

Hillers troops come a cropper against town as Ryssel tries to march to left

Progress slowed by stream (not two green marker indicating Hiller demoralised)

Hakes command comes under long range Artillery fire

Annoying French Skirmishers contest stream crossing

As Hillers Landwehr waste themselves assaulting the Church

Ryssels command assume defensive posture

Hakes command contesting the hill at game end as French reserves arrive (Old Guard in distance) note Losthins command has disappeared (ie Broken)

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