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Warbands under the Crescent Banner for SAGA

April 19, 2018 - 18:36
In anticipation of imminent release of the 2nd SAGA source book: Age of the Crusades (which I have just received an email telling me that it has been dispatched), I have been finalising my moorish warbands. I wanted to have a combination of figures so that I could filed any of the 3 eastern warbands.
I felt I was a little weak on infantry armed with spears/javelins so I recently painted up a unit of 8 infantry. These are the Daylami Mercenaries (or Auxiliaries as they are now called) from Gripping Beast. They were nice figures to paint as as been my approach, I have painted them so they are similarly dressed.
I recently also made a terrain mat from an old piece of mat for SAGA, I tried to terrain it in such a way that it would work for Europe or the Middle East. We have found it a bit of a struggle to lay out a 3x4' terrain as required for most SAGA Scenarios. I was quite pleased how it came out, so I took the opportunity to pull out my moorish figures and photograph them.

An overview
The latest additionA Generic Warlord.Camel mounted HearthguardNaffatanFoot HearthguardHorse mounted HearthguardMore Spear/Javelin Infantry
These Warriors are my favourite
Bow-armed InfantryHorse mounted WarriorsBow mounted Warriors (Turcomen Auxiliaries)A Hero........maybe Saladin

And finally some organised Warbands
Mutatawii'a Warband (6 points: 2 units of Mounted Elite, 1 unit of Foot Elite, 2 units of Javelin armed Foot Warriors and 1 unit of Bow Armed Foot warriors)Moorish Warband (5 points: 1 unit of Mounted Elite, 1 unit of Mounted Warriors with Javelins, 1 unit of Foot Warriors with Spears, 1 unit of Levy with bowes and 1 unit of Levy with Javelins)Saracen Warband (6 points: 1 unit of Mounted Elite with Javelins, 1 unit of Mounted Warriors with Javelins, 1 unit  of Mounted Warriors with Bows, 2 units of Foot Warriors with Javelins and 1 unit of Levy with Bows)
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For Sale: Crescent Root Studio 15mm Western Europe Set

April 12, 2018 - 16:15
This is probably the last sale for a while, but I maybe putting some painted 4-Ground and Italeri 1/72 Houses up for sale. I am just trying make my WWII 20mm / 1/72 terrain collection visually coherent and I am still thinking about it.
What I am selling is the Crescent Root Studio 15mm Western Europe House collection. I see these are no longer available and it is with a lot of reluctance I am selling them. Unfortunately they just do not really fit with my collection being just a little smaller. As you can see below these are just excellent quality.As you can see they are superbly painted MDF.
They are double walled and each house comes with an extra top which represents a destroyed layer.
There are a total of 5 houses and as you can see they come on a excellently illustrated mouse pad baseEach house also has an individual base some with walls
As I am reluctant to sell these they are not going for Fire Sale pricing. These are all still in their original individual boxes and are in excellent shape being only used once or twice.
As noted these are no longer available so the selling price is $200, shipping in the US is included. You are not going to get this opportunity again. These are really the best pre-painted building available for wargaming that I have seen.
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For Sale: Pedion Tile Set

April 11, 2018 - 13:52
Next up is some terrain. I bought this set a couple of years ago. Never used it. The hill in the left foreground is missing but there is a bonus plain tile in the box. Each tile is 1' sq so this is a 3x3' terrain. They are on sale on the Pedion Web Site for $165. More info here.
I want this box out of the house, so $50! This does not include shipping which we can calculate at the time of shipping. Shipping as per your request. I believe the box weighs under 7lbs.
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For Sale: Unpainted 28mm Napoleonic Lead

April 10, 2018 - 19:12
Time to get rid of the red tin of unpainted lead. The only thing I found in it that I might use is some Front Rank Portuguese that I may paint for Sharp Practice.
These figures are going to go at a very good price, such a good price that I am actually not going to take the time to count them. They are all metal except for plastic Perry Dragoons. Some are painted. What follows is a rough list, no guarantees here. Numbers are thought to be accurate and are underestimated but not guaranteed!
Front Rank KGL Hussars with Horses x4Front Rank Light Dragoons with horses x4Westfalia Miniatures Jaegers x8Westfalia Saxons x15-16Unknown 2 French CasualtiesUnknown 14 British CasualtiesFoundry Infantry x20Front Rank British Infantry x12Foundry Scots x12Front Rank Mounted British/Portuguese Commanders with some horses x15Foundry/Front Rank Mounted French Commanders with horses x8Front Rank British Light Infantry x12Unknown British FlagbearerFront Rank British Rifles Officers x4British Sapers x2Westfalia Medic x1Limited Edition French Calpe Figures x52 Perry British Generals mounted2 Perry French Guard Generals mounted3 Perry British Art Officers mounted
So at least 180 metal figures. I believe most metal 28mm figures go for over $2 each, so $400 roughly.
For Sale $100 with Free Postage in US in USPS PP Medium box. I will defray international postage by $15. Paypal only.

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For Sale: 28mm French Napoleonic Command Stands

April 9, 2018 - 15:50
I have finally got around to sorting the remnants of my 28mm Napoleonic Collection. I had held on to these as I was not sure what I would need for Sharp Practice, but a couple of recent games have suggested to me what I need to keep.
These are all painted to a good table top standard and I would like to sell them quickly. There are 16 mounted figures all nicely based as you can see below. I believe most are Front Rank, with some Perry's and I think Victrix. They are all metal.
$100 will get you all 16 figures (+ a free standing ADC) with free postage in the US. I will defray cost by US$12 for shipping abroad by USPS Priority post medium box. You can click here for postage cost to any country. Put in Medium PP Box as shipping vehicle.
Colonels and Chef de BatallionsThe Perry wounded dragoon setGenerals de Brigade and a General de Division baseADC's

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Marlet: The Last Battle

April 8, 2018 - 14:19

Myself and Mike got to play our next game in our Operation Martlet campaign, our last game was more then 6 months ago and for the British (me), it was do or die. This was turn 8 and I was trying to capture table 4: Striking at Saint Nicholas.
The campaign is 11 turns and to win they would have had to capture table 6 by the end of this turn so an impossibility. If the Germans hold Table 4 it is a major German victory, it was felt if the Brits could not move on in this turn they would resign the campaign as there was no way they could win.
This had been a long and difficult slog for the British, the first 3 turns got messed up because we misinterpreted the German OB and they had 30 troops rather than 20 in their core platoon. It took the Brits 4 turns to get off Table 1! This was followed by a back and forth with alternate British-German victories, but without the Germans suffering any attrition as each British victory was achieved by the Germans withdrawing without significant loss. By Turn 8, the German morale was quite high with a +4 on Force Morale rolls, while the Brits had a -1. Chain of Command is all about Force Morale and to win one has to diminish one's opponents FM.

I was quite positive though going into the game and felt I could win and try to achieve a draw in the campaign. From looking at the above table it appeared to me that the Germans would end up in a highly fortified position and really success could only be achieved by HE bombardment. I set up a nice terrain for our game.British start position British JOP's in blue. I am not really sure what I was thinking about the flank JOP in the foreground.German JOP's as expected. I left the patrol markers on for the photo.Starting Forces
British (21 Support Points)Starting FM 8Core Platoon w/ 2" Mortar and Piat TeamsChurchill AVRESherman2 extra Piat TeamsForward Observer
Germans (12 Support Points)Starting FM 11Core Platoon w/ PanzerIVextra PanzerIVForward ObserverAdjudant
My game plan was to get the AVRE and FO on the table as soon as possible so I would be in good position once Mike started to place his troops in the 3 stone buildings. I also had to get an least 2 sections on to protect the FO and any Piat Teams that I had to position in order to take out the German Tanks. I really was hoping to accumulate CoC dice as well as I was pretty confident that Mike would take a FO. Having the ability to continue and end barrages is a big part of the game.
It actually went pretty well although early on in the game I had a lot of double phases which are sometimes not that helpful. I even threw 4d6 once and we had to dice on the Random Events table. It is nice to have double phases but if you do not get 1's and 3's it is hard to move things around.
I will not go into the whole game and in the heat of the action, I took few photos. It was actually the first game where I killed more troops then had killed. The high point of the game was collapsing a building with a full German squad and killing the FO. Despite this I just could not get the German FM down while mine went down rather quickly. Mike had a lot of excellent dicing to save hits and on the FM table. I use the photos below to explain some of the result.
These 2 PzIV's were my bane, Mike did a great job of playing them to take down my armour and once this was done to rain HE and HMG fire on my troops. I did get a few  shots at them but Piat's and Shermans are just not that good for taking out the well armoured PzIV. You can see that after the house collapsed Mike withdrew all his troops to behind the building out of range of my mostly intact sections.On the other end I just could not generate good armour saves and my AVRE and Sherman were taken out  by the 2 PzIV's. Mike mentioned that maybe if I brought both them on at the same time it might have been helpful as he would have to split his fire. I can only agree as I never brought on the Sherman until just before the AVRE was destroyed.Despite having minimal core platoon loses and still having a section and 2 Piat Teams  to bring on, the loss of several Support Teams plunged my FM to zero......game over.
Final Butcher's Tally: 
GermansEnding FM 106 riflemenSupports1 FO
BritishEnding FM 0JL3 RiflemenSupports2"Mortar TeamAVRESherman
I actually felt this was the best game I played in the campaign, I had a pretty good plan which might of worked but Mike's excellent tactics and dicing caused the game to go otherwise. I was a little disappointed not to win, but there is always another campaign!
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SAGA2: Clash of Warlords

March 30, 2018 - 12:44
 Last night myself and Adam had our first go at the new version of SAGA. As usual we played at the Hobby Bunker, it was quite busy there with a lot of 40k gamers. We did have quite a few players drop by to ask us about the game. There is certainly some interest. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that if you want to introduce players to new games you got to be out there playing them.
We decided to play a 6 point game in the Age of Arthur universe, for ease of transition we went with the only scenario in the new rulebook: Clash of Warlords. Adam played the Scotti and I played the Saxons.
Scotti (6 SAGA dice)Warlord2 units of Hearthguard (6)3 units of Warriors (8)
Saxons (7 SAGA dice)Hengist and Horsa2 units of Warriors (10)1 unit of Warriors (12)1 unit of bow-armed Levy (12)
As usual I will not write up an Action Report, but just provide a brief summary of the game. I was the attacker, and the game started well enough and I was able to throw a lot of SAGA rare dice early in the game. The Saxons are an aggressive force and have to attack to win. I had good dice early in the game especially with defensive throws. I was quickly able to take down 2 units of Scotti Warriors but on Turn 3, I left Hengist isolated and the Scotti were able to rain javelins down on him, he quickly was taken down. This was a pretty big blow and with this lost 2 SAGA dice. At this point the Scotti started to withdraw to protect their troops. Horsa in a fit of rage in Turn 6 attacked the Irish Warlord but again was taken down in a hail of javelins. Adam played a very good game and gained a 24 to 17 victory.Terrain set up with the Saxons attacking from the foregroundEarly successes by the SaxonsThe game starts to change with Hengist isolated with a much diminished unit of warriors.The Saxon levy having some sucess on the left flank, but as you can see to the right Hengist is exhausted and the  wily Irish Warlord is advancing to throw yet another javelin.Horsa in a fit of rage advances by himself to melee the Irishman but has no Bodyguards .He is thrown back exhausted and some javelins take him down. The advancing Saxon warriors have run out of time, victory to the Scotti.We had no problem adjusting to the new versions of the rules, no question a great improvement. A great game has become even better!
As an aside, Hengist and Horsa live on even now in Southeastern Germany in 2 headed-horse symbols.
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Some Camels foe SAGA

March 28, 2018 - 20:06
I have been recently building up my Moorish warbands for SAGA in anticipation of SAGA2 Age of the Crusades release at Salute. One unit that I did not have which I felt was necessary if I fielded a Mutatawwi Warband was some Hearthguard Fanatics on camels. They were easy enough to paint up, I decided to go with a very subdued colour scheme as is fitting for these soldiers of god.
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Some Sharp Practice Napoleonic Action

March 26, 2018 - 16:24
After a very long delay myself and my friend Mike got together for a game of Sharp Practice in Rhode Island. It was our first game since last August so I was looking forward to it, as Mike is the only gamer in area (90 miles) who is a TFL fan aside from myself.
We had been playing the CoC Martlet campaign, but I really think that I (the British) had little chance of winning more than half way through so we put it aside and decided to have a go a Sharp Practice. 
I have to admit that I find SP a bit of a challenge; of all the TFL rules I have played I find these have the steepest learning curve. I think I have played two Napoleonic and two FIW games so far but maybe spread over 2 years so I am usually starting anew each game. My last game was in Montreal in August which we really messed up and that was FIW, a less complex game than Napoleonics due to the troops mostly being skirmish types.
Mike has quite a collection of Napoleonics for SP beautifully painted by Dani Dunbar. This includes, Brits, French, Poles, Brunswickers and Spanish. Most gamers though like to use their own troops so I brought my Brits. We decided I think on a 80 point base game and we ended up playing scenario 1 in the book giving us a grand total of 92 points. My base force was the Literary Company from the book  as was as follows.
BritishStatus II and I Leaders3 units of Line Light InfantryStatus III and I Leaders3 units of Skirmish Light InfantryRocket Troop with Status I LeaderPhysicBaricadeMarksman
French7 Leaders!9 Units of Skirmish and Line TroopsScouting Officer
We actually got to play the same game twice over a period of about 4 hours, which is really is pretty good. I have not put together a game reports but here are some photos.
The basic setup The Brits are advancing in the foreground.
The British Rifles took a real beating, from L-R: Brunswick Oels, 60th Rifles and 95th Rifles

As you can see the British really got shot up, you can see Sharpie skulking behind the churchFrench are advancing in forceCould not take down the Poles!Well I have to admit to getting slaughtered both games. I am not sure what I did wrong, the first game I think I was just unlucky, the 2nd game started a little better but I just could not get my line infantry in position. In retrospect, I can think of a few things that I could have done differently but it was tough as Mike had 7 leader cards in the deck with 5 command cards while I had 5 and 4 respectively. 
Anyway it was tons of fun and it was great to game with Mike again. If you are interested in Sharp Practice, Mike is putting on a game at Huzzah in Portland, Maine on the weekend of May 18-20. I am hoping to be there.
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