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An Introduction to Général d'Armée

November 16, 2017 - 18:23
I got a chance to introduce the Général d"Armée ruleset to my friend Iannick last night in Montreal. Iannick has been looking for the grail in respect to Napoleonic rulesets for even longer than myself and he is particular! I spent the day going through the rules as I had not played for 3-4 months, and I wanted it to be a good introduction.
I picked a Vitoria scenario that I had written when the rules came out. There is 5 brigades aside with artillery and cavalry involvement. It is a nice balance as I believe you need this many brigades to get a good idea of how the C&C function works.
The game was a first in some respects as it was the first game that I have got to host in my apartement  there, we usually play at Iannick's. I also finally got to use the portable gaming table that I purchased a year or so ago from the Czech Republic. It is 6x4' but folds down to 3x4' for transport. I was able to wrestle it into my car and transport it to Montreal where it will now stay. So I went out and purchased  some beer and and found a pizza place that delivers (imagine that it has been almost 15 years that I have been going to Montreal and have had an apartment there for at least 5 years and I have never got a take away!).
I will not bother to write an AR, I think we got 4-5 turns in, but I did take some photos. It was a good night and I believe that Iannick enjoyed the rules. Enough so that he is planning to acquire an 18mm Napoleonic army himself. Stay tuned as I think he will be selling his 28mm Austrian and French forces and he is a great painter.
We had no really plan to finish the game but it did go back and forth. As usual we spent a lot of time talking and nourishing ourselves with food and drink. It was a good evening. I really had little cause to refer to the rulebook as the 4 page QRS is all you really need. It is a great ruleset.
Digging out the troopsThe French right flankThe French left flank4 battalion brigadeThe Portuguese on the allied right flankFrench ArtilleryThe KGL on the British leftThe Guards with some 95th Rifles in the centreThe big pictureA particularly challenging cavalry duel, the cavalry rules are a lot of fun. The charge-countercharge aspect of the rules works well and  was quite realisticSome French ligne retreating across the bridge

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Terrain for 6mm Wargaming: Part 1

November 12, 2017 - 18:29
Well it does say ........sometimes smaller.

For the last 6 weeks I have been working on a very large 6mm project that has yet to be identified. I am sure many of you can guess what it might be. It has been enormous fun. The research for it is quite painstaking and I have made a few errors, but overall it has been the most interesting task I have taken on in some time.
Otherwise, things have been a little slow in respect to wargaming as I have been unable to get in any games. My last game of CoC was 10 weeks ago and my last game of SAGA was 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately my 2 main gaming colleagues have been taken out of commission for various reasons. It has got so desperate that I made a plea on the TFL forum, but unfortunately it has gone unanswered. I suppose I have boxed myself in being a TFL gamer in this part of New England, my gaming club are all Black Powder, Bolt Action and DBA. All games that just do not attract me. If there is anyone out there who is a TFL fan and lives within 90 minutes of Salem, MA please get in touch!
Fortunately, I do have a Général d'Armée game teed up for this week in Montreal.
Anyway back to the post. For my the ruleset ( the one yet to be identified), I need some terrain. I have not built 6 mm terrain before so it has been interesting. Since the game is scaled in kilometers rather than in metres it has taken some adjustment. If I have it right, a 6x4' mat would be scaled at 96 square kilometers. I am also keeping in mind the Canadian 30k Epic project as well. My friend Iannick is planning an Epic bash in Montreal in the coming year so it will be good to have some terrain done.
The project is desert based, so it is mostly mountains and wadis. I am not really sure how I am going to do the wadi's but in gaming terms they will be uneven (soft, irregular etc) ground. I am also going to need a couple of towns/cities. Forest are not required and rivers will certainly be limited. Every 6" square area represents a square kilometer. 
So I thought I would start with the mountains which are really the main requirement. So here we go:

First I start with the base, I get these mdf bases from the BigRedBat's Shop. These are the 130x85mm bases which are just perfect for 15cm squares. Simon really provides excellent service.Next up is some styrofoam. I use 2" thick blocks to start and cut them down to 40 mm in height which I think is good for 6 mm vehicles (a clue!). I then carve them up and use a blow torch to shape them and to seal them. We all know what happens when we use a aerosol paint on styrofoam. Do this outside. I cut the blocks so they are slightly smaller than the base.Checking to see that they are roughly all in scale.Aerial viewThe all necessary PVA glueI tried to vary it as much as possible.Stayed tuned for Part 2.
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October 31, 2017 - 16:58

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