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15mm Samurai - and Samurai Terrain as well

February 22, 2018 - 22:16
A near-unique event today, as I post pictures of an army that I haven't painted myself... but don't worry, the usual bog-standard finishing is then in evidence with some bodged-together and over ambitious terrain !

The army is a 15mm Samurai force for L'Art de la Guerre. Mostly composed of Old Glory figures from Timecast, they are supplemented with a handful of Baueda Emeshi cavalry and a Dixon 28mm Great Commander.

All of them have been painted by Lurkio

The Samurai Village has already been posted online but this time there is also a self-made "ADLG Waterway" Samurai Castle wall to marvel at the amount of spare time I have to do stuff other than paint figures !

 The Walls come with a walk-through construction guide as well.
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Godedingdangdag 2018 - The Romans Return!

February 2, 2018 - 13:37
It's time yet again for Kenneth Williams to don his toga and avoid being stabbed in the back as he takes command of a Patrician Roman army against enemies from all edges of the Roman empire - Franks, Palmyrans, Spaniards and the eastern extremities of the Warring States Chinese in four separate 300 point L'Art de la Guerre doubles battle reports.

Thrill to the thunder of hooves, marvel at the download time of the often inappropriate and shoehorned-into-the-narrative comedy animated GIF's, hold your breath in fear as the two lines of mighty warriors clash together and roll dice to see who comes out on top in almost 10,000 words of irrelevant and semi-educational nonsense

Reports contain all the usual mutterings and puns, as well as some truly incredible feats of bravery and military success (not all of which are from the Roman troops - as you may well already have guessed..).

See for yourself if they truly do have it Infamy..
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Who's Playing What Right Now?

January 31, 2018 - 15:05
I'm planning on repeating my now-regular 12-monthly roundup of the state of UK Ancients 'big battle' competition play in it's usual April slot for consistency, however with the new year just about starting (with ADLG, DBM, MeG and FoG 3 at Godendag and the well-attended Milton Keynes 1-dayer for DBMM) I thought a snapshot of the 2017 calendar year in competitions might be interesting:

Numbers of players who entered at least one UK event for the following rulesets during 2017 were:
  • L'Art de la Guerre : 163 (up 27 since April 2017)
  • FoG AM : 89  (down 13)  
  • DBMM : 84  (unchanged)
  • MeG : 52 (up up 21)
  • DBM : 40 (down 8)
  • Swordpoint : at least 39 (up 10) - I'm missing the numbers from Derby
Tournament numbers and sizes
    • L'Art de la Guerre : 27 events held, average entry 18
    • FoG AM : 15 events held, average entry 18  
    • DBMM : 18 events held, average entry 15
    • MeG : 10 events held, average entry 16
    • DBM : 7 events held, average entry 13 (the majority of events are doubles)
    • Swordpoint : 4 events held that I have results for, average field 17
    (ADLG and DBMM include 2 events where 15mm and 25mm were offered in parallel, with FoG numbers including 1 such event. This tends to depress the average entry size a tad).

    And, here's a graph...
    This shows the last few years and illustrates how player numbers have changed - each line represents a different ruleset, and each point on the graph represents the total number of players who've taken part in at least 1 event for that ruleset in the previous 12 months.

    The data is a little "gappy" for some of the sets, but for both ADLG and MeG I believe every event held in the UK since June 2015 has been captured.

    Interesting times!

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    Who's playing what - Part II

    January 29, 2018 - 07:45
    Thanks to Denis Grey, I now have comprehensive stats for player numbers in the UK DBA circuit to add to those for other rulesets.

    Looking at attendance across the 15 or so annual tournaments in the UK, participation in DBA has been steadily rising over the past 3 years and looks set to carry on that upward trend into 2018 (if numbers at the first 2 events of the year are anything to go by).

    Numbers of players have been:

    • 2016:  48 players
    • 2017:  56 players
    • 2018:  64 players 
    86 people in total have played at least one DBA event in the last 3 years. 
    Adding these more accurate numbers into the mix gives the following popularity table for numbers of people entering at least one UK ancients competitions during 2017.
    1. L'Art de la Guerre : 163
    2. FoG AM : 89  
    3. DBMM : 84
    4. DBA : 64
    5. MeG : 52
    6. DBM : 40
    7. Swordpoint : around 40
    One interesting thing to consider from these numbers is the popularity of "DBx"-based, "one base = one unit" format games - almost exactly 2/3 of all UK competition ancients players are playing systems in which one stand = a unit. Barkers legacy is still going strong! 
    I'm sure there must be some 6th and 7th edition numbers out there too, and maybe also Armati or War & Conquest ?
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