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Who are the Amsterdam6shooters?

The Amsterdam6shooters are a friendly and open wargame club in Amsterdam, since spring 2014. We focus on miniature wargaming and tactical and strategic board(war)games. We're a social club for social gamers. Minimum age is 16. We're not a youth club. We laugh, have fun, throw dice, drink beer and conquer lands. The majority of our members are 25 years or older and have been playing (board)wargames for years.

The club is interested in all kinds of games related to minatures and strategy and all historical periods. We play several well-known historical wargame rule sets: Hail Caesar, Black Powder, Bolt Action, De Bellis Antiquitatis, Blücher, Frostgrave, Flames of War and X-Wing, to mention a few. We're of course acquainted with the Games Workshop Warhammer or 40K rules (many of us own GW models). We play different board war games as well, and sometimes dungeon crawlers with miniatures like Descent or Imperial Assault. We don't play general or family board games or role playing games.

Our preferences are not 'fixed', everybody is welcome to bring his own army or board game or rulebook and introduce it to the club. You will probably find an opponent, most club visitors are eager to try out new rules. We're a relaxed group, no rule fanatics, nerds, or jihad tournament players. Winning is important, but playing is more important than winning.

Club meetings

We meet every 2nd Saturday and 4th Sunday of the month in our clubhouse near the Muiderpoort station in Amsterdam-East, from 13 o'clock until about at least 18 hr (14-19 on Sundays). See our events calendar and contact information. If you register for this site (free) you can join/book a game table very easily via our automatic booking system/calendar. No special requirements. Registered members also have the option to schedule home events via this calendar, and invite other club members via our forum.

You don't need to bring a miniature army to visit our meetings. Most core members have more lead & plastic than you can imagine, so if you join a table we most probably have the miniatures ready. 

We welcome newcomers and newbies. We have battlemats for wargames and X-Wing, and we have a large collection of scenery at the club (mostly 25/15mm, hills, woods, medieval houses, roads, rivers, some WW2 ruins).

Membership/ entrance fee

Membership fee per calendar year is 45,- per annum. Non-members who join a table pay nothing the first time, 2 euro the second time and after two visits the regular 7 euro entrance fee. If you only want to look around, we charge nothing. Nada. Niente. You're welcome (yes, we're mad).

We serve free lunch and spicey snack food, and our bar is cheap (all drinks around 1 euro). Bringing your own drinks is not allowed, however. Come and beat us, and if you can't beat us - join us!